There is no other state in the entire US that screams ‘Sailing’ more than Florida! There are more boats here than in any other states of the USA put together. No wonder, Florida is often christened as the boating capital of the USA. From the rocky beaches to inland waterways, there is a place for everyone to sail and anchor their boats when not cruising.

Options Galore:

Florida gives its sailors a wide range of sailing destinations. There are keys, the gulf, and then there is the Atlantic. We do agree with you, if you are feeling lost, where to begin. Because the reality is that sailors usually have the toughest time deciding where to go first with so many places to sail. 

Is there a good time to sail in Florida?

There is no bad day for sailing in Florida. This is because of its fantastic geography. Florida is the southernmost part of the US and is close to the Bahamas. The weather throughout the year is almost always perfect for the best cruise of your life. Seasoned sailors will know best that there are more than 300 days of best sailing weather along the coastline. 

The climate is a good mix of tropical and subtropical, so while the northern and central Florida remain humid, the southern part experiences a typical tropical climate. If you are just into sailing, you must choose the spring or the fall season, which incidentally falls in the first three months of the year. December is a good month for beginners because July to November sees tropical hurricanes and storms. 

Sailing and diving are a perfect combination:

While you are sailing in Florida, you could also create the perfect diving memories. There are quite a few diving school Florida where you can choose to take your diving lessons.

Remember that you will need to have qualified divers and skippers when you are zeroing in on a diving instruction school. Finding the right school is not easy as you will realize that there are too many elements that you will need to consider. 

Here is a list of all the highly recommended sailing places in Florida:

1 . The Tampa Bay :

Tampa is the largest estuary in Florida and is touted to be the perfect place for beginners and expert sailors. It has hidden rivers and bays that spring lovely surprises on the sailors and never fail to impress them. The downtown area is full of life, with some of the best restaurant food served there. Don’t miss it!

2 . Jacksonville :

Officially known as the gateway to St. Johns River, it has great marinas, hotels, and other attractions for the sailor crowd. If you want to dock, you can take permission from the Jacksonville Metropolitan Park Marina. The marshes are a treat for fishermen at heart, and if you enjoy fishing, you must come here often. 

3 . Florida Keys :

The Florida Keys are well known for their coral reefs and the best waters for sailing. There is a certain romance sailing through the keys, especially when you come across smaller islands in the journey. The Bahamas is not too far away if you feel like you want to enjoy the Caribbean! 

Your diving lessons will come in handy here when you go scuba diving in the Key Largo. It has interesting coral reefs and shipwrecks for your heightened diving experiences. 

4 . Key West :

Key West, the name is enough! If you are a sunset enthusiast, you are going to cherish your memories from here. Key West offers the best sailing experience and is also a very good place to begin your sailing journey. Dive into the waters here, and you will get addicted to snorkeling! 

5 . Apalachicola :

Apalachicola is at a very short distance from St. George Island. The place is great for fishing as there are numerous shallow bays and protected forests. The place is great for seafood to bite your teeth into. 

Florida is calling you!

Whether you are just beginning or have found your passion already, Florida is the best place for anyone with a sailing boat. The perfect weather all year through and the mind-blowing activities you can take part in, makes sure you don’t run out of chances to create lifelong memories.