Under De Sail

In order for a yacht to demonstrate its best seaworthiness, it must be steered differently under different conditions. Unlike a car, in which you can just sit down, start the engine and go, on a sailboat you need to correctly set the sails, master the technique of controlling them.

The soul demands the wind

Amazing Sea Views

Setting the sails

The yacht won't go against the wind

After all, this will lead to the fact that the airflow on both sides of the sail will be the same, which in turn will cause the sail to flush, and it will lose its aerodynamic shape, which creates forward thrust.

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Balancing the vessel

The hull of the yacht is designed so that the boat will show its best seaworthiness when sailing when the water level coincides with the waterline. If the boat is balanced so that the bow or stern rises up, the water level will not line up with the waterline and, like a flat tire, it will move, but poorly.

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swims in the quarter

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Skin Care Before, During & After the Beach – Best Skincare for Man

Finally, you are at sea, and you can lie on the beach with a clear conscience, swim and generally not think about anything other than relaxation. Although something is still worth thinking about: how to provide best skincare for men so that it will tan beautifully and not harm your health.

Skin care before the beach

Start with pilling. You will free the skin from dead cells, as a result it will become even and smooth. Exfoliation can be done at home using a scrub and / or loofah washcloth. You can also sign up for a professional exfoliation, for example, in combination with a preliminary steaming in a hammam, followed by a wrap and massage.
For peeling at home, scrubs are suitable, which, in addition to abrasive particles from apricot pits, salt and sugar crystals, have caring components:

on the beach

The first days in the sun are the most pleasant (there is a whole vacation ahead), but also the most dangerous in terms of our relationship with ultraviolet light. And to keep it as safe as possible, don’t forget to put best skincare for men in your beach bag. Refresh the protection every two hours and after every bath, especially if you have dried yourself off with a towel.

after the beach

Take your time to go about your business right after the beach. Take a shower first. It is believed that if every time after the sea to cleanse the skin of salt, sand and sunscreen with a soft washcloth, then each subsequent layer of tan will lie down more evenly and last longer. At the same time, do not forget about additional skin hydration.

And do not be fooled by the fact that you are not sunburned because the skin is not red.